Accommodation Dormitory

Our institute provides high quality, close to the campus and comfort dorms for boys and girls , The accommodation prices change according to room size and type, however the accommodation fees usually.



Our institute has a new, modern and elegant building named after Fakhir Shex Taib Qaiwan who is the co-founder and a-owner of the institute. The building has been built in accordance with the current educational standards for learning and studying.



As students usually need buses or taxis to arrive, we happily arrange transportation to help our students. Meanwhile, some private taxis are provided for students to come and return to the city center. The transportation fee is not included in the tuition fees.



All the year around we provide scholarships For people who are in need The three firsts in each class as the motivating for achieving good results The son and daughters of martyrs and and families



Our building has a very beautiful, amazing food quality and reasonable price cafeteria for students as well as employees and teachers. The cafeteria consists of two floors in which in the first floor is provided for foods and eating. The second floor is provided for rests with taking tea, coffee.



As Library considered as crucial element in learning and teaching, we provide a new library which designed and decorated to be enjoyable for our students. It consists of printed copy books, online PDF books and resources, computer and private rooms for group studies.

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Kurdistan Technical Institute (KTI) is a private institute licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education of Kurdistan Region according to ministerial decree no. (21923). The institute aims at training and educating skillful and knowledgeable technicians in different fields such Oil: Drilling and Refining, Information Technology, Computer Science, and Business Administration in accordance with modern developments and needs of markets. That is, to educate and teach a generation different from past generations and to make a headway. The institute is trying to implement a new system similar to international systems, provide international standard programs and labs, and offer training courses and job opportunities for its graduates.
to enroll from our institute you can visit the below link and following the requirment that we need : Link Address : http://kti.edu.krd/en/contact-us/
click the following link : http://kti.edu.krd/en/services/
to know our price and how much you pay for each year please follow the below link http://kti.edu.krd/en/price-package/