Petroleum Drilling and Refining

Petroleum Drilling and Refining
Starts from:Wed, March 22, 2017 8:30AM - 2:30PM
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Fakhir Shex Taib Building , Slemani Highs,Sulaimany,Kurdistan,Iraq

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Petroleum Refining Department is one of the scientific departments in Kurdistan technical institute and it has been opened to prepare technical cadres in the field of petroleum industry. Study in this department is two years and students graduate with Technical diploma.  Alongside the theoretical lectures, students are given practical lectures in laboratories such as:

  • Petroleum properties Lab.
  • Hysys process simulation Lab.
  • Process control Lab.
  • Heat and mass transfer Lab.
  • Fluid mechanics Lab.

At the second stage, students have practical training in:

  • Petroleum Refineries,
  • Oil and gas fields
  • Gas processing plants

The graduate of this specialty have the ability to work as the Jobs listed below: 

  • Working in the midstream operations – separators
  • Gas separation, processing and compression unit
  • Atmospheric and vacuum crude oil distillation
  • Work in various and different refineries units such as: thermal cracking, catalytic reforming, Hydro-treating, alkylation and Isomerization
  • Working in L.P.G Production units
  • Working in Units of producing Wax, Lubricating oil and bitumen



  • Yaseen Sedeeq Raheem

    Petroleum Refining Department – Control and Operation

    Yaseen was born in banse/Siwail , Slemani, KRG in 1983. He received B.Sc in petroleum engineering at Koya University (2008) and M.Sc inpetroleum engineering at Teesside University, UK (2012). He was Lecture at Koya Technical Institute and Koya University ...